Fool's Gold

"Fool's Gold" was selected as one of the ten winners in the AudioArcadia May 2017 short story competition (

The ten winning stories were published in the fall of 2017 as an e-book and paperback entitled "An Eclectic Mix, Volume 7."

The publication is available on Lulu, Amazon and other retail websites.

Tiernan's Last Stand​​

"Tiernan's Last Stand" was awarded Third Prize in the 2016 Hackney Literary Awards National Short Story Competition.

A "special excerpt" of the story was published in the Birmingham Arts Journal in the summer of 2017 (

Chaucer Award Finalist

Tiernan’s Wake was a Finalist for the Chaucer Award (historical fiction) in the 2017 Chanticleer International Book Competition.


Tiernan's Last Stand

​​The 2018 American Fiction Award

(Sponsored by American Book Fest)


Tiernan’s Wake was Winner of the American Book Fest 2018 American Fiction Award
(Mystery/Suspense/Historical category).