Reviews​ for Tiernan's Wake


  “An intelligent yet lighthearted mystery, with the added appeal of academia. In the same vein as Dan Brown’s Robert Langdon series, the reader goes on a historical adventure while remaining grounded in the present through history lessons and captivating tidbits of information on theology, symbology, art and more. Make sure to keep an eye out for this one in 2018!”

     -Rebecca Skane for The Portsmouth Review



“An amazing historical mystery, guaranteed to keep you compulsively turning the page until the very end. Highly recommended!"

     -Susan Keefe for The Columbia Review of Books & Film



“Exciting and fun to read! Well written and highly imaginative, Tiernan’s Wake offers a wonderful historical mystery set against the growth and self-realization of a group of people thrown together by more than chance, people who complement one another and develop deep and rewarding relationships. Art, cryptology, the European history of the Elizabethan and Nazi eras, and family secrets all come together enjoyably in this fascinating book."

     -Melinda Hills for Readers’ Favorite


“A compelling mystery thankfully bereft of car chases and gun battles...A book rich in history, but even richer in humanity...Writing with humor, and a style which doesn’t try to draw attention to itself, (Rook’s) choice of words fit snugly into each character’s individual persona. Subplots also blend seamlessly into his story, and one continually remains interested in what happens to both tangential and prominent players.”

     -Joe Kilgore for Pacific Book Review


“Not your ordinary piece of fiction...The narrative has a unique blend of eloquent, thought provoking and amusing one-liners. The characterization is decisively written and, whether living or dead, each character has unique attributes that give meaning to the story. The plot is perplexing, humorous and challenging.”

     -Cheryl E. Rodriguez for Readers’ Favorite


“A rewarding storyline, and a compelling cast of entertaining characters...A satisfying and entertaining novel."     

-Mindy Hood for SPR Reviews